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Table shiatsu training at The Professional Shiatsu School London.



The Professional Shiatsu School is based in Greenwich in London.

The Professional Shiatsu School was created with the aim of training shiatsu and sotai

professional practitioners. With this aim in mind, we follow the core curriculum of Japanese shiatsu schools, and our training includes working on a table as well as on the futon, and a clinical year in which students treat real patients under the teacher's supervision.

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In the 1st year, students learn several katas or sequences on a futon at floor level. Pressure - the basis of shiatsu - is tested and corrected. The aim is to acquire a deep, painless and pleasant pressure - something that will make clients want to come back - with a posture that allows us to work a full day without getting tired.


By the end of the first year students know all pressure points on the body, how to press with hands and thumbs, and how to give shiatsu on the whole body, from feet to head.


The next 1st year training begins on Saturday the 22nd of September 2018 from 10.00 to 17.00 with practical seminars and supervised practice sessions. Click to book a place.


In the 2nd year, we learn how to treat specific health problems for which patients seek our help. We study step-by-step shiatsu and/or sotai treatments for back pain, constipation, pregnancy shiatsu, etc.


In the 2nd year students also learn how to work on

a massage table and on a onsite massage chair.

These will allow students to work in hospitals, gyms, health centres, and do mobile work in offices and at events.

After the 2nd year students have the opportunity to gain access to a placement in a hospital to obtain the postgraduate certificate in oncological shiatsu with cancer & palliative care patients.


The 3rd year is the clinical or postgraduate year. We continue learning more advanced techniques, and the students treat real patients from outside the school, supervised by the teacher.

We encourage students to begin professional work with shiatsu while they are in their 3rd year, and we put them in contact with patients they can treat near their home.

All our professional courses include training in sotai ho to a very advanced level, so you won't need to do any extra courses. Click here to watch a sotai training video.