Professional Shiatsu School courses are held at the City Lit Wellbeing Centre  

The Professional Shiatsu School was created with the aim of training shiatsu 

and sotai professional practitioners. With this aim in mind, we follow the core 

curriculum of Japanese shiatsu schools, and our training includes working 

on a table as well as on the futon, and a clinical year in which students treat 

real patients under the teacher's supervision. 



 There are two routes to obtain the Professional Certificate. It can be done in two years 

following the most common route or in one year with our fast track programme. 

Both routes give access to supervised practice outside the minimum required class 

and practice hours. 

After obtaining the certificate, students can access our Postgraduate Diploma Course 

where students will treat real patients under the teacher's supervision.

Students in the postgraduate year can choose to work at the same time towards

the Postgraduate Diploma in Oncological & Palliative Care Shiatsu. The training in   

oncological shiatsu takes place in an NHS hospital where students will treat cancer

and palliative care patients. 

Students will also be issued with an NHS Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Practice.

All our professional courses include training in the treatment of specific conditions  

such as pregnancy shiatsu, shiatsu for back pain,, (click to see video) as well as training

in sotai ho to a very advanced level, so you won't need to do any extra courses. 

Click here to watch a sotai training video. Our next courses start in September 2019.  


   Table shiatsu training at The Professional Shiatsu School London.