Teishindo is a form of treatment derived from Traditional Japanese non-insertion

    acupuncture and the teories of the effects of metals according to Tradittional

    Chinese Medicine.

    It uses different tools and types of metals to apply on acupuncture points and

    meridians. The application is based on TCM theories. For example:

                       - Copper disperses heat

                       - Brass disperses stagnation

                       - Silver tonifies yin

                       - Aluminum invigorates yang

     There are four different types of tools, Teishin, Megashin, Butterknifes and Soaps. 

     It is quicker and easier to learn than Japanese acupuncture or herbal medicine and

     can be used as a complement to any type of manual therapy.

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    The course is taught over three weekends in 2020: January 18/19, March 7/8 and

    April 25/26. the price for each weekend is £150.

    Please contact us to enrol or for further imformation