The relief of pain, with painless exercises.

     What is sotai?

    Sotai is a Japanese form of movement therapy based on returning natural body

   alignment by moving joints and muscles in a comfortable way, rather than

   adjusting towards pain.

    Sotai Therapy provides a method for neuromuscular re-education and promotes

   healing in the circulatory, nervous and endocrine systems by untwisting muscular

   holding patterns.

    Sotai Ho is a systematic form of active and passive exercises used to correct

   imbalances in the structural integrity of the body. The goal is to see where one’s

   body is out of alignment and to practise specific exercises to alleviate each


    The exercises and techniques are very gentle, they equalise muscle tone and can

   correct postural distortions.

     The aim of a Sotai treatment is to eliminate pain in the back, neck, shoulders,

    etc, to line up articulations when they are misaligned and therefore release

    muscular stiffness or pain anywhere in the body.

    This form of Postural Alignment is used to improve suppleness and alleviate or

    eliminate muscular aches and pain and treat injuries, such as sprained ankles,

    tennis elbow, tendonitis, whiplash, wry neck, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.

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