Shiatsu Treatments


    Shiatsu is a therapeutic and painless Japanese massage which has a profoundly

    relaxing and invigorating effect.


    Our clinic is in Central London.

    To make an appointment, please contact us.



    One 60-minute session:    £80


    Five sessions voucher:      £365 (To be used within three months)

    Follow-up session:            £80  (when booked and paid for at end of session)

                                                  (valid for bookings within two weeks)

    Gift voucher:                    £80  (or £75 when you book a session for yourself)

    For all other enquiries please contact us at:


    Plase note that late cancellations and ‘no-shows’ disrupt the conscientious and

    prompt service we aspire to provide to all.


    Heisei Shiatsu 平静指圧, serene shiatsu, combines the therapeutic effects of shiatsu

    massage with the pleasure of deep relaxation.

Shiatsu may be beneficial in the treatment of:

- backache (lower or upper back pain) (see video)

- neck and shoulder pain and stiffness (torticollis, frozen shoulder, etc)

- during pregnancy (see our pregnancy shiatsu video)

- insomnia

- muscular tension

- fibromyalgia (check the scientific study)

- headaches

- sprains, twisted ankle, wrist, knee pain

- menstrual dysfunction, painful periods (dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, etc)

- digestive disorders (IBS, constipation, etc)

- carpal tunnel syndrome

- bruxism (teeth grinding)

- tinnitus (ear ringing)

- diabetes

- herniated disc (slipped or prolapsed disc)



Shiatsu massage