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The Advanced Shiatsu Student Clinic was conceived as an opportunity

to be treated with shiatsu and sotai techniques.

The treatment will be conducted and supervised by the teacher,

with the participation of the students.

We can treat all musculoskeletal conditons, pains and aches,

such as backache, herniated disk, scoliosis, neck stiffness, bruxism (teeth grinding)

ankle sprain, knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome,

whiplash, etc.

For other conditions, such as headaches, migraines, tinnitus (ear ringing),

diabetes, menstrual cramps and/or disorders, fibromyalgia,

pregnancy shiatsu massage, children's bedwetting, etc,

please contact us.

The price per session is £18.

Usually, patients can come to the advanced shiatsu student clinic

a maximum of three times, although we may allow for further sessions for certain health conditions.

After the sessions, we can arrange for the patients

to receive low cost shiatsu treatments

from one of the students.


Since it is a training session for students, the session lasts from

one to two hours.

Please, allow for two hours from the time of your appointment.

        Please phone us for an appointment on 020 8694 6064

    or email us:

Our advanced shiatsu student clinic is held in Greenwich in London.

  141 Greenwich High Road

London SE10 8JA

Any appointment cancellations need to be 48 prior to your appointment. Regrettably any late cancellations or non-attendance will incur a full fee.

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